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Eight common travel tech disasters

Eight common travel tech disasters

We’ve all been there are some point. You’re 500 miles from civilisation, trekking in the mountains, when you spot a rare beast or gorgeous vista.


You pull out your digital camera for the shot of a lifetime, press the ‘on’ button and… nothing. Dead battery and the nearest wall outlet is three days away by yak caravan.

It’s an increasing problem in the modern-day travel experience. Lugging around all those cables, batteries, accessories and hardware, one is bound to experience a malfunction at the most inopportune moments. But for every problem there is a solution and the following list is meant to help. Some ideas may seem obvious but it’s worth keeping them in mind as you prepare for your trip and get on the road.

1. Problem: dead camera (or mobile phone) battery…

…and you’re miles from an outlet.

Solution: it goes without saying that you must charge up those camera and phone batteries whenever possible as you never know the next charging opportunity may arise, especially if you are camping or travelling in remote areas. The best way to protect against a drained battery is to carry a spare. Keep the charged-up spare in your pack and wrap it in a fleece jacket as cold weather can drain a battery even if it’s not in use.

Another techie solution, especially for campers, is to bring along a universal solar-powered battery charger. Check out the options at Modern Outpost

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