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What happens if there is bad weather on the day of our tour?

In case that  we have poor weather, we would offer you to move to another day or if this is not possible, we will of course, give you a full refund.

What are your policies of cancellation?

All cancellations will be charged a 5% cancellation fee of the total amount.

Cancellations made less than 24 hours prior to a booked tour are not refundable unless a valid medical certificate is produced.

For groups of 4 or more a medical certificate will only cover the person who is unwell and 1 career unless the others in the
party are younger than 16 years of age.

Cancellations for groups of 8 or more must be received by Fat Cat 6 days before the date of the trip to receive a reimbursement.

If we have to cancel the trip due to poor ocean conditions we will endeavor to reschedule your trip to a date which suits you. If
we are unable to do this you will receive a full refund

Tour Information

Can I bring my own snorkeling gear?

We provide all of our guests with snorkeling equipment however, you are welcome to bring your own if you prefer.

What should we bring with us?

In your beach bag you should bring a towel, sunscreen (biodegradable please), camera and money for souvenirs and a gratuity for the crew.  We recommend that you arrive wearing your swimwear.

Are there child life vests on board?

As we receive a lot of families on our boats, we are prepared for children, with life vest and snorkeling gear. In case that the children are 4 and under we suggest you to bring their goggles.

What’s the minimum age?

There is no minimum and maximum age everyone is welcome on the Fat Cat

Is there shade on board?

Yes, we have a large shaded area.

What is included the 4 hours boat ride?
  • 45 minutes of snorkelling on the reef of Inah
  • 30 minutes swimming in the natural swimming pool just south of Puerto
  • Cruising the rest of the time
  • Snorkelling gear
  • Open bar including rum, vodka, beers, soft drinks, juices and water
  • Lunch bag per person including sandwich, crisps / chips, cookies and fresh fruit
  • For private charters salsa, guacamole chips and fruit or lunch bag
  • Other food options available for private charters at additional charge

Boat Information

How accessible is boarding the catamaran?

Whilst on the dock the boat is simply a step up.  In the water you have access by two wide, rear ladders.  The crew are always on hand to help our less mobile guests.

Is there bathroom on board?

There are 2 bathrooms onboard

What is the size of the boat?

Our catamarans are 45ft long, ocean going Voyage DC450s.